Welcome to the Glow Room

kiln before 1.jpg

Glow Room is a limited-edition collection of ceramics by artist  Robbie Heidinger. 

Each Glow Room piece requires up to three months to transform from wet earth to final form.  The atmospheric soda kiln, built by Robbie in 2006, fires to 2300 degrees, giving each piece its glow.

Some works are layered with flashing slips that react to the flames of the fire. Others have glazes that are affected by weather, types of wood used, timing of soda ash distribution, propane controls, and reduction or oxidation environments in the kiln. The forms are crafted to catch flames, adding burnt edges and glossy sides to give each piece as much visual interest as possible. 

Surrounded by three rivers, hemlock forests, colonial ruins, clear blue plunge pools and intense biotic critters, the Glow Room is a laboratory for exploring organic forms. Plants, river stones, ice, root systems, and seasonal transformations give off a hum, infusing each piece with natural rhythms and structures.

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view up to the kiln and studio